hello readers…

upper gardens 1

photo credit: Bahá’ípictures.com

this is a start of a brand new year for all Bahá’ís…
particularly for the Bahá’ís of shasta county this is an exciting year…
God has much in store for all of us…

the Ridvan blogsite has been formed to remain in
contact with each other, share our ideas for the betterment of the Bahá’í
community as well as to deepen spiritually…

both Bahá’ís a non-Bahá’ís are welcomed to view this
blogsite… Bahá’ís are welcomed to become contributors to this site; if
interested send your inquiries to shasta.ridvan@hotmail.com… it is
important to note that on occasion there will be posts that are password
protected; posts of this nature are for administrative purposes… Bahá’ís who
are interested in viewing and commenting on password protected posts should
send their request for the password to shasta.ridvan@hotmail.com…

well… on behalf of the shasta county Bahá’ís, we
welcome you to our new blogsite.

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